Welcome back everyone! Responsibility is the value for the month of September.
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Learn Together, Play Together, Achieve Together


Striving to achieve the highest possible educational standards


Our environment is friendly and inviting where all children have the freedom to learn and excel.  We place an emphasis on learning the basic skills – reading, writing and maths.


We help children develop the skills to adapt to different learning challenges and persist in the face of frustration or setbacks.  At Addison there is no sense of failure, only learning from experience.


Children learn best at Addison from first-hand experience: seeing, doing, discussing and sharing with their friends.


Core values underpin all of our work and the way that we treat one another.  We aim for all Addison children to live their lives following our common moral code.  Whatever background, culture or faith, the Addison Primary School community has established our values which are shared by all.


Children are encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles and attitudes through a range of opportunities in and out of school.