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Creative Writing at Home

Creative Writing


Do you enjoy writing stories but don't know where to start? Or have some ideas but don't know how to structure them into a full story? There is information and videos on this page that can help you to write your own stories whilst at home! 


In school we learn all about different genres of writing: newspapers, letters, non-chronological reports, biographies and many more. It is important that we learn all about these but the writing usually contains factual information.

However when we write creative pieces of writing we are writing to entertain our read and share human experiences. Creative writing is a way to share our imagination with our reader. 


On this page there are some links to videos and pages that can help you to create your own pieces of creative writing whilst at home! 


Finish an author's story! 


Author - Kerry Gibb


Kerry Gibb is the author of a children's series called 'It's A Kid's Life'

Kerry has written five books and she runs creative writing workshops; she loves to inspire children with their reading and writing. 

Throughout lockdown, Kerry has written a short story as a spin off from her book series but it is unfinished! She is giving you the opportunity to write your own ending!


On the information page, she has written some useful advice for writing your own story and given some ideas to help you get started! 

You can also watch the YouTube video link to watch Kerry Gibb reading the beginning of the story to you. 


Miss Setters would LOVE to read your stories and she is able to share them with Kerry Gibb too! 

Kerry Gibb - It's A Kid's Life - Lockdown (short story spin off)

My short story spin off from It's A Kid's Life that invites you to write the ending! I thought I'd record myself reading it to you. Please excuse the dog but...

BBC Bitesize


On this website there are lots of videos and information to help you structure and write the different parts of your story! 


They will help you to:

- Plan your story

- Structure the different parts of your story

- Write about the setting

- Create the characters for your story

- Writing for your audience


Miss Setters would love to read any stories that you write whilst at home. You can ask a parent to send it to your teacher in an email. 

Picture Prompts for Stories

You can use these pictures to help you think of ideas for your own stories! 

Each picture has a story starter that you can use to help you and finish the story to make it your own. 


Flying - Story Starter

When he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, his real life began. Every night his dreams would take him on the greatest adventures. It was when he was asleep that he felt most awake, most alive…

The giant fan whirred furiously. He pulled on the flying jacket, placed the goggles onto his head, and gripped the cardboard box for dear life. This was to be another of his incredible adventures, and he couldn’t wait to find out where it would take him…



Animal Airlines - Story Starter

“Welcome to Animal Airlines: this is your Captain speaking! We will do everything we can to ensure you have an enjoyable and comfortable flight. Our highly trained crew will endeavour to meet your every need: the meerkats will provide in-flight entertainment, our koalas can bring you a variety of snacks, the sloths will take care of your luggage and the giraffes give excellent foot massages! For those of you wanting a good night’s sleep we have an excellent range of relaxing whale music available, or if it’s a party you’re after we have our in-flight music playing in the rear cabin, courtesy of ‘The Monkeys’. I once again do wish you a comfortable and enjoyable flight, and I can assure you that you can have every confidence in me as your Captain: everyone knows polar bears are extremely reliable!”

Can you continue this story about the flight on Animal Airlines?

You could try describing what each of the animals do during the flight, making up jobs for various different animals.



The Garden Of Life - Story Starter

In the garden of life, nothing was quite as it seemed…

During the day, everything was peaceful. In fact, the garden was completely silent. The only sound that was ever heard during the day was a gentle whispering that seemed to be carried on the wind: a sweet melody of nature, celebrating the beauty of the earth and all creation.

The lady of the garden seemed to be sleeping. She lay there, motionless, all day.

Then, as the sun began to find its resting place beyond the clouds on the horizon, and darkness crept over the garden, an enormous, green eyelid suddenly opened. She was awake…

Can you continue the story about the garden of life? Describe the animals and creatures that magically come alive at night.