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Reading for Pleasure

Reading During Remote Learning - Guidance

Reading for Pleasure


Reading is so important to help children to develop language and listening skills and to help them understand and use a wide range of vocabulary within their writing. Reading has social and emotional benefits; it stimulates children’s imagination and gives them a wider understanding of the world they live in.


Research has found that reading for pleasure can result in increased empathy, improved relationships with others and it can reduce stress.

Lockdown and having to stay at home can be stressful for children and we need to employ all of the ways we can to look after our mental well-being.


Miss Setters


I love to read! I am always telling my class about the books I am reading and how it relaxes me to read. I love reading exciting action books; understanding different characters and learning about different countries in the world- as well as made up universes!

Two of the books I have read recently are ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ and ‘The House with Chicken Legs’. I am really looking forward to starting the second books in the Who Let the Gods Out series.