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Reading Videos

Anisha Detective


On this page, I will be uploading videos of myself and other teachers reading aloud a book called ‘Anisha Detective’ by Serena Patel. I hope you enjoy the first chapter as much as me!

Anisha Accidental Detective - Chapter 1

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy the first chapter of Anisha detective as much as I did! Let me know what you think :)

Anisha Accidental Detective- Chapter 2!

I hope you enjoy chapter 2 of Anisha Accidental Detective!

Anisha Accidental Detective - Chapter 3

Anisha and Milo help to catch a lobster that has gotten loose! Milo still thinks he can talk to animals...

Anisha Accidental Detective - Chapter 4

Anisha Accidental Detective- Chapter 5

Anisha and Milo start to look for people who are acting suspiciously!

Chapter 6 of Anisha Accidental Detective

Enjoy listening to Miss Dirir reading chapter 6 of Anisha Accidental Detective!

Anisha Accidental Detective - Chapter 7

Enjoy listening to Mrs Bryde reading chapter 7 of Anisha Accidental Detective!

Alien's Love Underpants!

I hope you like this funny story about Alien's liking underpants!

The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs!

Have you ever wondered if the Big Bad Wolf was actually bad? Well in this story, he tells his own version of the story of what happened with the 3 little pig...

'That Pesky Rat' by Lauren Child

This story is about a rat who really wants to be somebody's pet! Have you ever known someone to own a pet rat? Let's see if the rat gets what he wants!I hope...