Out of 16,769 schools Addison is placed 48th - an incredible achievement! Peace is the value for the Month.

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Play Together, Achieve Together


Welcome to Addison Primary School

I warmly invite you to use our website as a window through which to view our wonderful and unique primary school.  Addison Primary School is a place where our values-based ethos is evident and experienced by all who enter.  As a values-based school, a community and a family, we promote our core values of respect, responsibility, perseverance, friendship and honesty.


We encourage the full potential of every person by providing a safe and secure environment which places individuality at the centre of every aspect of school life.  We aim to build warm and positive relationships with parents and others we work with. This enables us to work together to prepare children for life now as well as in the future.


We hope that, by the time our children leave Addison Primary School, they will have embraced all of the wonderful opportunities available to them and will have achieved the very best of which they are capable.  They will have enjoyed their time at Addison, developed self-confidence and achieved the highest standards possible.


Visit our aspirational and highly nurturing school and see for yourself our happy children and staff.


Mr D Mc Garrigle

Head Teacher