We hope all our pupils and families enjoy a peaceful summer break - see you all on Tuesday 5th September for the start of another amazing term!
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Learn Together, Play Together, Achieve Together

Who's Who

A committed team

All adults who work at Addison, whatever their role, are committed and work hard to improve outcomes for our children.  We challenge and support children and work well together as a team to give every child the best possible start in life.


Damien Mc Garrigle, Head Teacher

Sharon Plummeridge, Deputy Head Teacher

Emmanuel Alexander, Deputy Head Teacher

Sara Colenso, Assistant Head Teacher

Early Years Foundation Stage

Angela Thompson-Smith, Phase Leader

Kay Jefferies, Nursery Year Leader

Adam Staples, Nursery Teacher

Ebony Harris-Mc Farlane, Reception Year Leader

Victoria Brennan, Reception Teacher


Mireille Ayres, Early Years Educator

Valerie Mirzaie, Early Years Educator

Karen Walker, Early Years Educator

Pinky Premji, Early Years Educator

Lower Phase, Years 1, 2 & 3

Tracy Antwi, Year 1 Teacher

Gary McNie, Year 1 Teacher


Georgia Johnston, Year 2 Teacher

April Symers, Year 2 Teacher


Aled Jones, Phase Leader/ Year 3 Teacher

Marian Ngai, Year 3 Teacher

Eleanor Jarman, Year 3 Teacher

Upper Phase, Years 4, 5 & 6

Clare Martin, Year 4 Teacher

Maxine Emerson, Year 4 Teacher

Sharon Marmamba, Year 4 Teacher


Zainab Habib-Rielly, Year 5 Teacher

Will Cheng, Year 5 Teacher


Nasra Dirir, Year 6 Teacher

Kella Calandar, Year 6 Teacher

Alex Morgan, Year 6 Teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) and Teaching Assistants (TA)

Gilbaut Batsoul, PE HLTA

Jayne Whitcomb, Y1 & 2 HLTA

Janina Lajie, Y3 & 4 HLTA

Ema Sheu, Y5 & 6 HLTA

Agnes Whiteman, TA

Louisa Kelf, TA

Nikita Raymonde-Cox, TA

Anna Pulieo, TA


Learning Support Assistants

Work with named pupils who have additional needs.

Pamela Berns

Hanan Younis

Penny Sheppard

Khadija Sylvester

Theresa Hickey

Jennifer Desagurante

Claire Mouradian

Carol Ujaga

Georgina Bingham

Carol Dunne

Administration & Site Management

Sarah Brock, Office Manager

Sue Blake, Finance Officer

Elizabeth Bassa, Welfare Officer

Rahina Parveen, Apprentice

Kelvin Corriette, Enrichment Manager


Victor Ebioke, Site Manager

Picture 1 Miss S. Plummeridge - Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mr E. Alexander - Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 3 Mr D. McGarrigle - Head Teacher
Picture 4 Mr A. Jones - Phase Leader
Picture 5 Mrs A. Thompson-Smith - Phase Leader
Picture 6 Mrs M. Tillman - Support Staff
Picture 7 Ms Susan Blake - Finance Officer
Picture 8 Ms Z. Habib-Riley - Year 5 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs V. Mirzaie - Support Staff
Picture 10 Mrs C. Mouradian - Support Staff
Picture 11 Miss J. Berns - Support Staff
Picture 12 Mrs A. Whiteman - Support Staff
Picture 13 Mrs H. Younis - Support Staff
Picture 14 Miss A. Puleio - Support Staff
Picture 15 Miss P. Premji - Support Staff
Picture 16 Miss C. Ujaga - Support Staff
Picture 17 Miss J. Whitcomb - Support Staff
Picture 18 Miss J. Desagurante - Support Staff
Picture 19 Miss M. Ayres - Support Staff
Picture 20 Miss P. Berns-Quintero - Support Staff
Picture 21 Miss K. Walker - Support Staff
Picture 22 Miss M. Ngai - Year 3 Teacher
Picture 23 Miss K. Jeffrey - Nursery Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs A. Morgan - Year 6 Teacher
Picture 25 Ms T Antwi- Green Class teacher
Picture 26 Miss V Brennan- Strawberries Class Teacher
Picture 27 Mrs E Harris-McFarlane- Blueberries Class Teacher
Picture 28 Mr W Cheung- Pearl Class Teacher
Picture 29 Mr A Staples- Blackberries Class Teacher
Picture 30 Ms C Martin - Sunflower Class Teacher
Picture 31 Mrs M Emerson- Yellow Class Teacher
Picture 32 Ms E Jarman- Red Class Teacher
Picture 33 Ms G Johnston- Sapphire Class Teacher
Picture 34 Ms A Symers- Blue Class Teacher
Picture 35 Mr G McNie- Jade Class Teacher
Picture 36 Mrs Kella Callendar- Amber Class Teacher
Picture 37 Ms N Dirir- Orange Class Teacher
Picture 38 Ms E Bassa- Welfare Officer
Picture 39 Ms S Colenso- Assistant Head Teacher
Picture 40 Mrs Sarah Brock- Office Manager
Picture 41 Mr K Corriette- Enrichment Manger