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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Enjoy Together, Achieve Together

Curriculum Map

At Addison, we teach PE twice a week. Below is a curriculum map, which outlines the units that each year group will cover throughout the year.

  Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1Class teacherGymnastics (wide, narrow, curled)                        Gymnastics (body parts)                                               Dance (growing)                                                     Dance ((The zoo)                                            Locomotion (jumping)                                 Team building                                               
PPALocomotion (running)Ball skills (hands 1)Ball skills (Feet)Ball skills (Hands 2)Games for understandingHealth and wellbeing
Year 2Class teacherGymnastics (linking)                           Ball skills (hands 1)                            Dance (water)                                   Ball skills (hands 2)                                          Locomotion (jumping)            Team building                               
PPALocomotions (dodging)gymnastics (body parts)Ball skills (feet)Dance (explorers)Games for understandingHealth and wellbeing
Year 3Class teacherGymnastics (symmetry and asymmetry)OAA (communication)Dance (Wild animals) Invasion (tag rugby) OAA (problem solving)Athletics
PPAInvasion (netball)Invasion (hockey)Invasion (basketball)Dance (weather)Net/wall (tennis)Strike and field (rounders)
Year 4Class teacherGymnastics (bridges)              OAA (communication)                            Dance (cats)                                                 Invasion (tag rugby)                      OAA (problem solving)            Athletics                         
PPAInvasion (netball)Invasion (hockey)Invasion (basketball)Dance (the circus)Net/wall (tennis)Strike and field (rounders)
Year 5Class teacherGymnastics (counter balance and counter tension)                                              Health related exercise               Dance (the circus)                                       OAA (communication)                            Net/wall (tennis)                                                                 Athletics                                  
PPAInvasion (netball)Invasion (football)Invasion (tag rugby)Invasion (hockey)Strike and field (rounders)Strike and field (cricket)
Year 6Class teacherInvasion (netball)                                                          Gymnastics (matching and mirroring)                               Dance (carnival)                                                                         OAA (orienteering)                            Strike and field (rounder)                                     Athletics                          
PPAHealth related exercise Invasion (football)Invasion (Basketball)Invasion (hockey)Net/wall (tennis)Strike and field (cricket)