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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Medical Needs

At Addison, we aim to ensure that all pupils are enabled to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered and have high self-esteem. We support this aim by monitoring and providing for children's welfare and their individual needs and by providing a happy, secure environment in which pupil's well-being is of paramount importance.


Please look at the policy below for further information.

Please inform the school’s Medical Officer immediately if your child has a medical condition or allergy.


Once a declaration has been made, a Health Care Plan will be created for your child to complete. This will inform all school staff of your child’s medical need/s or allergy and signs and symptoms to be aware of.


If your child requires medication for their medical need/allergy then we will require two sets of medication. One is kept in the medical room and one in the child’s classroom.

Administering Medicines

We can only give prescribed medicines to children.


If your child is unwell and needs to receive medication whilst at school, please pop into the school office who will be able to advise further and provide you with a form to fill in to give consent.