Out of 16,769 schools Addison is placed 48th - an incredible achievement! Peace is the value for the Month.

Addison Primary School

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Summer 1
Week 5 WB 18th May
Week 4 WB 11th May
Week 3 WB 4th May
Week 2 WB 27th April
Week 1 WB 20th April

We are now starting our brand new Geography topic! It is UK VS South Africa. We are going to be learning about different Geographical features in both countries and comparing the two.

Spring 2
Week 2 WB 30th March

Design your dream island! Use your skills of grid references and map symbols to create your own dream island!

Week 1 WB 23rd March

Week 1- Map symbols. When you have opened the powerpoint, please select slide show at the top.