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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning

Science Week! To celebrate Science week in year 5, we completed a really exciting experiment during our Science lesson! We used simple equipment to make our own lava lamps! The results were amazing and the children really enjoyed it- you can see for yourself in the photos! In one of the photos, there are some of the equipment needed, these can be bought in a shop or you may have them at home already. There are also photos that include the equipment list and method so you can try this experiment at home!

World Book Day. Year 5 really enjoyed World Book Day this year! Well done to everyone for making the effort to dress up as their favourite book character! Have a look at the pictures to see their amazing costumes! During the day, both classes visited year 1 to share stories and read with the children. It was lovely to see them reading with each other and helping the younger children with their reading. They all really enjoyed it and were engrossed in the books as you can see from the photos! In the afternoon, the children completed a range of activities including: creating a reading river, making their own book marks and designing their own book covers for their favourite story. Make sure to spend your £1 book token to get a brand new book!

Year 5 have had an excellent week completing their cycling proficiency training! Throughout the week, they grew in confidence on their bikes and learnt how to ride and make signals. The children also learnt how to check their bikes using ABCD checks (Air, Brakes, Chain, Direction) to ensure that their bikes were safe before going out onto the road. By Thursday, the children were cycling on the roads. The instructors were very impressed with the children's behaviour when completing the training and how well they picked up the necessary skills. All of the children who safely cycled on the roads will recieve a certificate and badge to show they have taken part in Level 2 cycle training. Well done to all! We hope you continue to ride safely!

In Year 5, we celebrated all of our learning and hardwork at the end of the Autumn Term and had a Christmas Party! Year 5 ate lots of yummy food, danced to their favourite tunes and played many party games!

Year 5 had the most relaxing Friday when they came to school in their pyjamas! We all came to school in our pyjamas to raise money for Children In Need. The children understood what the charity does to support children in the UK and how their money would help different charities and children across the country.

Year 5 visited The London Wetland Centre to support our learning for our Geography topic 'Rivers and the Water Cycle'. The children explored the grounds, observing different animals and species in their natural habitats. They also took part in a workshop where they learnt about sustainability and how to improve environmental areas to prevent flooding.