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Addison Primary School

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Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Inspection Rating: Addison Primary School is Good


Our school received a one day inspection on the 28th June 2016.  The  report was made available for viewing on the 12th September and can be downloaded from the Ofsted website:


We are pleased to share with parents and carers that the school continues to be good.  Key headlines include:


· Safeguarding is effective and the safeguarding of pupils is given the highest priority

· Pupils are well aware of how to keep themselves safe from potential dangers

· Leaders make sure that there is a concerted effort by all to improve the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and their personal development

· Professional development and training of staff is used effectively to bring about improvements

· The recent focus on improving the effectiveness of teaching phonics (letters and sounds) is evident in securing better rates of progress in reading

· There are improvements in literacy planning, where specific texts are used to provide a meaningful context for pupils’ learning

· Pupils have more opportunities to read and love reading


Next steps for the school are for Leaders & Governors to ensure that:

· Assessments are used more effectively to speed up progress, including in the early years foundation stage

· Teachers provide more precise and simple guidance to pupils about what they need to learn

· There is greater consistency in the quality of feedback to pupils on how to improve their work

· Measurable targets are set for leaders on improving the quality of learning and pupils’ achievement, so that they are   held fully to account for their work