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Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Play Together, Achieve Together


Week 8- Week beginning 1st June

L.O: To explore minibeasts and their habitat

Week 7- Week beginning 18th May

L.O: To explore Arctic animals and their habitat

Week 6- Week beginning 11th May

L.O: To identify nocturnal and diurnal animals

Week 5- Week beginning 4th May

L.O: To know that a habitat is where an animal or plant can find the things it needs to survive

Week 4- Week beginning 27/4/20

L.O: To identify objects that are alive, were once alive or have never been alive.

Week 3- beginning- 20/4/20

L.O: To understand that there are many different types of habitats

Week 2

To Understand the Basic Needs of animals

Week 1 

L.O: To explain the life cycle of animals including humans

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