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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning


This half term, Sapphire Class are doing dance for one of their PE lessons. This week we were exploring movement based on water and rivers. Children used dance and movement to represent how a river travels from its source to the mouth and out into the ocean.

Performance poetry

Sapphire class had lots of fun reading the Lion Inside. Each group were given a section of the narrative poem and came up with their own actions. After some time to practise, each group performed their section to the rest of the class. 

Mindfulness Crafts

This week Sapphire Class created gratitude paper chains. We reflected and discussed things that we are grateful for and wrote them down on strips of paper. Then we linked each strip together to make paper chains.


Year 2 have been creating collages using different materials. We read a story called the Lion Inside and used this as inspiration. The moral of the story is that anyone can be courageous, no matter their size.

GFoL Drama

Due to our trip to the Tower of London being postponed, we a day filled with drama and art in school instead. We explored how fire and wind might have moved across the city and how water from the Thames and the weakening wind helped to put the fire out.


We have started learning about money and have enjoyed recognising and counting different coins and notes. 

Values certificates 4th November 2021

Congratulations to year 2's Star learners and Values stars this week!


We have been exploring different jumps, rolls and balances in gymnastics. The pupils have been learning how to link movements together to create a short routine. We are exploring how we can use apparatus to improve the sequence of movements.

Values stars and Star Learners 29/09/21

Well done to this week's star learners and values stars! 


This week, we have been exploring colour mixing. Using the three primary colour, we were able to mix different greens, purples and oranges. We painted these onto a colour wheel.

National Fitness Day

We all enjoyed a day of physical activities for national Fitness Day. We had lots of opportunities for wiggle-time and a fun fitness session with Mr. G. We learnt about why physical activity is an important part of being healthy.

History - Great Fire of London

We used drama to put ourselves in the shoes of the people who lived in London at the time of the fire.