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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning

Spanish-This week year 4 have been taking part in 'My week in Spain' and learning Spanish online.

DT-We created amazing Viking shields in our DT lesson. First we designed our shields, then we painted them with different brushes and brown paint to create a wooden effect. Finally, we added the silver boss to the middle of our shield.

Computing-In computing we have been creating power points on the Vikings. We researched information then typed the information onto a power point.

Drama-In English we learnt new vocabulary words for our topic on brochures. To help deepen our understanding of the words we acted them out then presented them to the class.

Science museum-We had a brilliant trip at the Science Museum. We explored the Wonder Lab and witnessed experiments with fire and dry ice. Then we went to the home technology gallery where we saw how electricity has changed appliances over the years.

PE-In PE we have been practising relay races and dodgeball. We have to use our listening skills and work as a team.

Science-We have started our new topic 'Electricity'. We enjoyed making a circuit with a battery and a bulb. Then we added a motor into the circuit and realised we would need more power.

Eid Assembly-the children showed great confidence and courage performing their assembly on Eid.

English-We displayed our amazing drama skills in English this week by acting out our new vocabulary words. We learnt the meaning of the words, then acted them out and presented them to the class. The rest of the class had to guess what word we were acting out.

Computing-We started our new topic in computing using search engines and researching information. We discussed how search engines are used and how to research information correctly and safely.

RE-We have been learning about Sikhism in RE. We visited a Gurdwara to learn about Sikhism and the Gurus. We had to take off our shoes and cover our heads to show respect. Then we got to hear the holy book being read the Guru Granth Sahib and saw the special place it was kept. We learnt lots of information about the 5 K's and how turbans are worn. We then got to sample some delicious food called Langar.

Art-We finished off our sculptures in Art using coat hangers. We created hanging mobiles like the artist Alexander Calder we have been studying.

Science-To finish our topic on sound we carried out an investigation to see how different materials can affect sound. We made ear defenders using cups then used different materials to test how much we could hear. We made predictions and recorded our results.

Music-We watched Year 5's music performance where they showed off their amazing singing and music pieces they had created using digital software.

Art-In art we have been learning about the artist Alexander Calder. We then used wire to create our own sculptures and added beads for more decoration. We practised making shapes with pipe cleaners first then we used wire.

Science week-We had an amazing science week. We took part in a workshop called 'Silly Science' where we got to take part in some fun experiments. Then we presented an experiment in front of year 3 in the hall and we watched their experiment. We made predictions about what would happen and asked lots of insightful questions.

Art- We are learning about the artist Alexander Calder and how he made sculptures using wire. We used pipe cleaners to practise making shapes out of wire. We were very creative and made glasses, cat ears and bracelets.

World Book Day-Our classroom was transformed into Charlie & the Chocolate Factory! We got to explore other classrooms and take part in drama activities and creative writing. We then finished the day with a fashion show to show off our amazing costumes.

PE-We practiced our relay skills in PE by completing different races. We ran, skipped, walked and even frog jumped!

Science- We made panpipes in science to see how we can use air to make sound. We cut up straws into different sizes to see how the pitch would sound different.

English-Using drama to help us understand and remember our new key vocabulary. We show such confidence and courage went presenting our drama pieces to the rest of the class.

Geography-We started our new topic in Geography 'The local area' by using maps to explore Hammersmith & Fulham. We had to find the locations of different postcodes using a digital map and then used the Atlas to locate London and other nearby cities.

Chelsea FC-We learnt the importance of mindfulness and practised some yoga this week. We found it very relaxing as we made yoga poses and focused on our breathing.

Science-In science we are exploring the topic of Sound. We investigated pitch by looking at guitar strings and seeing how we could make the pitch lower or higher. Then we used different sized elastic bands to see if the thicker the band the lower the note.

Anglo Saxon Feast-We had an Anglo Saxon feast to finish our topic and celebrate our learning. We wore the helmets we had made in DT

DT-We created our own Anglo Saxon helmets based on the helmet found at Sutton Hoo. We carefully cut out the pieces of the helmet and coloured them in with a grey pencil. Then we added detail such as the dragon and red stickers to symbolise garnet stones just like the Anglo Saxons had.

Science-In science we have been investigating sound. We carried out an experiment in the playground to see how far sound travels. We would play an instrument and then move as far away from the sound as possible and see if we could still hear it.

British Museum-We went on a trip to the British Museum to deepen our understanding of the Anglo Saxons. We loved exploring the museum and even found the helmet from Sutton Hoo which we have been learning about. Then we completed some worksheets to find different artefacts in the museum. We also explored the Romans and Egyptians artefact's to build on our prior learning.

Chelsea FC Healthy Eating-We learnt all about healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet. We discussed what foods are good for you and how they can be used in meals. Here we are sorting food onto the eatwell plate.

Author visit-We had the children's author Banji Alexander visit our school and tell us all about his book and why he became an author.We had lots of questions to ask him.

English-We used drama tomorrow to learn our new vocabulary words for English. We find that drama helps us to learn the words to put into our writing.

Science-In science we carried out an experiment on how sound travels. We put our ear to the table and listened whilst our partner tapped to see if the sound was louder or quieter when we were sat up. We then tied string to a coat hanger and with our fingers in our ears tested to see the difference with our hearing when knocking the hanger on the table.

DT-We made a paper model of our Anglo Saxon helmets to practice the skills of making a helmet. We had to carefully cut out the pieces and then glue them in the right order. Here we are being Anglo Saxons preparing for battle!

Computing-In computing we are learning to code. We learnt how to broadcast messages and move our sprites so that they had a conversation. We enjoyed trying the different codes to see what worked and had to really use our problem solving skills.

Science-We have started our new topic 'Sound'. We explored how sound is making by using different instruments. Then we discussed the sounds and wrote down if they were low, high, loud or quiet.

Tennis-We had our first tennis session on Friday. We played some warm up games and then the coaches were teaching us to use our racquets correctly and serve the ball.

DT-We have been learning about Anglo Saxon helmets, in particular the famous helmet found at Sutton Hoo. This week we used our sketching skills to draw the helmet. We focused on the different skills of sketching, drawing lightly and focusing on shapes before adding detail. Our sketches were excellent!

Chelsea FC Healthy Eating-We had our first visit from Chelsea FC where we discussed different activities we do to stay healthy. We also played some games as ice breakers.

History-We started our new topic the Anglo Saxons with a lesson on runes. We learnt about how the Anglo Saxon used runes then we wrote our own words in runes and tea stained the paper to make it look like it was from ancient times. We also had some hot seating as Anglo Saxons and answered questions from the class about their tribes and the journey across the North Sea.

English-We learnt our new vocabulary words for English and performed them in front of the class using drama. We are becoming very confident with acting in front our classmates. Our new vocabulary words are linked to our topic the Anglo Saxons.

DT- The children made volcanoes as part of their Design & Technology project. First they used a plastic bottle and attached it to a piece of card. Then, they layered the bottle with newspaper and glue. Finally, they painted the volcanoes brown and added orange lava streaks.

Christmas Party!

Science-We have been learning about the digestive system. We put crackers in a bag and crushed them and then added coke to see how food is broken down by acid in the stomach.

Panto-We watched the hilarious Dick Whittington Pantomine which we loved especially when we got to sing!

Festive fun-We had our delicious Christmas lunch and we got to pull crackers. We were very excited by the desserts! Then we had Christmas jumper day where we dressed up in festive clothes.

RE-In RE we have been learning about the symbolism of light and Advent. We had Simon from St Stephens church come and talk to us about Advent, we had lots of questions to ask him.

Natural History Museum-We visited the Natural History Museum to deepen our understanding on Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We took part in an emergency workshop where we got to see a seismograph being used. We then explored the red zone where we saw volcanic rock and went in an earthquake simulator.

English-In English we learnt our 10 new key vocabulary words and to deepen our understanding we used drama. We practiced the key words and then performed them in front of the class and they had to guess which word we were acting out.

Geography- We had a debate in geography discussing the positives and negatives of living beside a volcano. We gave really good arguments using our knowledge on volcanoes and then we wrote up our argument.

Science-In science we carried out an experiment on how different drinks affect our teeth using eggs. We made predictions and then we carried out a fair test using the same size container and the same amount of liquid. We shall be checking what has happened to the eggs after 3 and 7 days.

Assembly-We performed our assembly on Volcanoes and Earthquakes for the whole school and lots of parents. We recalled facts about volcanoes and taught children how to stay safe. We read out our recounts of a volcanic eruption, had a breaking news report and ended on a great song!

Science-In science we have been learning about different animal's teeth. We discussed carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and what different types of teeth they would have and why. We then looked at picture of animal's teeth and sorted them into the different categories.

DT-In DT we are learning about different structures and how they can be made stronger. We looked at different techniques that can be used. We then had to complete different challenges such as build a bridge using paper and sellotape and a tower that can stand unsupported.

PSHE- We have been learning about friendships and relationships in PSHE. We discussed how our body reacts to different emotions and ordered the emotions with their level of intensity. We discussed how we feel in different situations.

Maths-In maths we have been learning about area. We use post its to see how many we would need to fill in a 2D shape. We discussed that it was better to use squares then circles to fill shapes as it means less gaps.

English-We have been learning about imagery and how to make our writing more creative and imaginative. We learnt about similes and metaphors and how to apply them to our writing. Here we are finding similes and metaphors that match.

Geography-We have started our new topic Volcanoes and Earthquakes! We were mid lesson when there was a rumbling noise and Miss Heekin told us to get under the desks as an earthquake had happened. We then wrote a script of a newspaper report of the events that had happened and performed it.

English-We learnt new vocabulary for our new topic on narratives. We acted out the words to help us with our understanding and presented them to the class for them to guess the word. We worked well in our partners and tables so our acting was extremely creative.

Computing-In computing we made a power point presentation on the Romans. We researched information using reliable sources, then we learnt how to copy and paste images on to a power point and change the colour scheme. Then we used our courage to present our information to the class.

Olympics-To finish our topic on Ancient Rome we held Topaz Olympics! We had many events and won medals and crowns. We competed in running races, relays, chariot racing, javelin, non-contact boxing and discuss throwing.

Globe Theatre- The children went to the Globe Theatre to further their learning and understanding of the Shakespeare play 'Julius Caesar'. First, we had a tour of the theatre and learnt about the fire and how it was rebuilt and where the best play to sit was and the trapdoors. Then we had a workshop where we got to practise our acting skills and play games.

Parents afternoon-We had a lovely time making mosaics with some parents who popped in. We got to show off our learning and our classroom. We even got to perform a song!

Science-In Science we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We carried out an investigation on woodlice and how they react to light. We made a choice chamber with different sections such as dark, damp and dry and observed where the woodlice moved. We made predictions and then evaluated our recordings.

Fulham Palace-We went to Fulham Palace to learn about what life was like in an Ancient Rome villa. We got to hold real Roman artefacts and learnt their history. Then we got to dress up and do some drama, where we acted out different roles in Rome. Then we explored Fulham Palace and learnt all about the Bishops. We loved seeing the Great Hall and the Chapel.

Computing-In computing we have been learning to send emails. We researched facts about the Romans and then used our typing skills to send an email to another pupil and read their facts,

Art-We have been learning about mosaics in art. We first coloured in squares using colouring pencils. Then we moved onto printing where we used sticks and paint to make a repeated pattern. Then we used paper to create mosaics. We really enjoyed using different materials and styles we knew we had to focus to make sure our mosaics were brilliant!

Roald Dahl Day-We celebrated Roald Dahl day by focusing on the text 'The Magic Finger'. We acted out a scene from the book and then we wrote what we would do if we had the magic finger. We also created some art work of a magic finger.