Out of 16,769 schools Addison is placed 48th - an incredible achievement! Peace is the value for the Month.

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Play Together, Achieve Together


Due to COVID-19 we had taken the decision to cancel the October 2020 residential trip to the Isle of Wight.  We hope to be able offer Y6 pupils an opportunity for an end of term trip at the end of summer 2021.  However, at the moment we cannot provide any further details.

PGL is one of the highlights of the Year 6 academic year - a 3 night/4day residential stay at an activity camp on the Isle of Wight!  This happens each October and is led by a senior leader and class teachers.


This exciting start to the term enables the teachers to get to know all pupils and build strong, purposeful relationships with the children as they embark on a year long journey of learning, respect and friendship.

Suggested Kit List for PGL