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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Enjoy Together, Achieve Together


Another brilliant day. Our pupils have been learning new skills and solving challenging problems. These new experiences will last a life time. Year 6 can really dance- some seriously impressive moves were displayed on the dance floor. Oh and we even get a daily visit from the resident cat, Margarita!

Day 2 was so much fun. The pupils are using their Addison values to overcome challenges. They all persevered and worked incredibly well as a team.

PGL 2023! Year 6 have settled into their school journey amazingly. The sun has come out and the pupils are having a wonderful time. Day one was a success.

PGL is one of the highlights of the Year 6 academic year - a 3 night/4day residential stay at an activity camp on the Isle of Wight!  This happens each October and is led by a senior leader and class teachers.


This exciting start to the term enables the teachers to get to know all pupils and build strong, purposeful relationships with the children as they embark on a year long journey of learning, respect and friendship.

Y6 School Journey - Meeting May 2023

Suggested Kit List for PGL

Addison Primary School Residential Trips Form