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The Dinosaur Who Has Lost His Roar

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Sid enjoys scaring the other dinosaurs with his mighty roar. They don't find it so funny. Sid scares his friends Spike, Ross and Ellie with his big ROAR!

After lots of roaring, Sid develops a sore throat and the next day, when he tries to scare his friends, he can only cough and croak! He spends a whole week getting better and realises that he shouldn’t have played jokes on his friends.

When he is feeling better, Sid plans to make things up with his friends but finds they are all gone. Giant footprints lead him to a Tyrannosaurus Rex who has his friends! Can Sid save the day? Will his voice have recovered? Will even his mightiest roar be enough to frighten such a massive dinosaur?

What lesson has Sid learned?
A fun book that is well rhymed and has some funny moments. See if you can join in with the repetition.