Out of 16,769 schools Addison is placed 48th - an incredible achievement! Peace is the value for the Month.

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Play Together, Achieve Together


Staff and Governors at Addison Primary are aware that many children are the victims of different kinds of abuse and that they can be subjected to social factors that have an adverse impact upon their lives - including domestic violence, substance misuse, bullying mental health and radicalisation.  We also acknowledge that safeguarding incidents could happen anywhere and all staff should be alert to possible concerns arising.


Through our broad, values-based curriculum we teach children to stay staff and happy.  We encourage the understanding that any problem or worry that they may have is legitimate and to share their worries, big or small, with a trusted adult; at home; school or with ChildLine. 


Key Contacts 

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead - Damien Mc Garrigle
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads - Nasra Dirir, Angela Thompson-Smith, Hilly Bryde
  • Safeguarding and Chair of Governors - Georgina Morris
  • Childline: