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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of our learning

We had a truly fantastic day out in London on Tuesday 7th June. We started the day with a brilliant boat down the River Thames. We saw so many famous London landmarks and buildings, including The House of Parliament, The Tower of London and the Shard! We heard some very interesting stories of London in the past. Next we had our trip on the 135m tall London eye! It was an exciting ride, that is for sure! Getting on and off was very entertaining as the wheel doesn't stop moving! We could see for miles across London and beyond. We all felt extremely lucky and had a superb day.

The spring term ended with a BANG with a Silly Science workshop. It was as fascinating and hilarious as ever! We learned lots about the magic of science and had the chance to help demonstrate some awesome experiments!

In March, six year 6 children were lucky enough to represent the school at Chelsea Town Hall for the 2022 Children's parliament event. Sophie and Marko did a fantastic job of making a speech on the importance of reducing waste. We got the opportunity to feedback to the other schools on their presentations and vote for our favourite.

Year 6 had a great day out at Kidzania. Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to 'earn money' while working for different companies and industries. The children could then use the money they earned to train to be professionals in a range of careers. A fun an educational day was had by all!

This year we celebrated world book day for the whole week! We had a great time sharing our love of books and reading. We joined up with year 4 to read in pairs, learned and performed our own rap poems and dressed up as our favourite book character!

Friday 4th February was Number Day. The children came to school wearing 'number' themed clothing and donated money to the NSPCC.

Some of the year 6 students have been visiting the Rhythm studio in Hammersmith. The children are being helped by music students and teachers to form their own band. The children are practicing hard during the sessions, ready to perform together. The roles include playing: the guitars, the drums, percussion instruments and singing!

We have been busy planning our own Legends this week based on the story 'Saint George and the Dragon'. We have been sharing our amazing ideas with each other on how we can adapt our stories to make them our own. We will choose our own settings and main themes for the story. Look out for our finished stories! Our teachers will upload a selection as soon as we have completed them.

Happy New Year! Take a peek at our new topic displays inside our year 6 classrooms. In history this term, we are learning about Early Islamic Civilization. As part of our homework, we have researched the topic and brought artefacts and books in from home to put on display. In English have been reading and comparing legends. We are then going to be planning and writing our own legends.

Today we were invertebrate detectives around the school grounds. We predicted which invertebrates we thought we might find and where and then used bug containers to catch any invertebrates that we found. We found: worms, spiders, woodlice and snails. The children then classified the invertebrates into: arthropods, arachnids, crustaceans, insects and molluscs.

We are making progress in our gymnastics lessons! Our presentation and control when completing forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels is improving and our movements are becoming more creative. We have explored travelling on mats, benches and agility tables. Our teachers have been super impressed by our team work and our ability to give each other constructive feedback on how to improve..

In PE this half term, our focus is gymnastics. We have been exploring the different shapes and movements we can make with our bodies while working on mats and when travelling over equipment. We are working on developing a sequence of 'mirrored' movements with our partners. We were lucky to have a visit last week from two local police officers. We learnt about keeping safe online and when we are on our own outside of school. We also had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about keeping safe and about the work of the police force.

We have had a busy start to Autumn 2. It started with a whole week learning deforestation as part of COP26. The children were fascinated, yet horrified to learn about the impact that global warming and deforestation. As part of their half term holiday, the children created their own presentations about deforestation. In class this week, we have started learning about taxonomy and the taxonomic classification system.

Our last few days at PGL were truly awesome. We had a great laugh at our bonfire party where we sang our hearts out and listened to very amusing stories and jokes! On our last evening, we worked together in teams to solve problems and had a competition to make the best protection for a water balloon. On our very last day, we absolutely LOVED climbing up to the trapeze. The best part was jumping and swinging freely! We all miss PGL and have made memories to last a lifetime.

The fun continues! We are so proud of how well the children are using their Addison values. They are persevering through challenges and being responsible for their cabins. All the children are encouraging and support each other to complete the activities.

Year 6 are having a blast at PGL! They are working brilliantly together as a team and are enjoying the activities.

In English, the children explored different types of newspaper articles, including articles written about the Blitz. They identified the structural and language features and used reported speech to write quotes from eye witnesses. At the end of the unit, the children will plan and write their own newspaper article about a night during the Blitz.

In PSHCE, the children have been talking about their goals and ambitions. They discussed the career paths they were interested in following when they are older and the skills they would need to help them to be successful!

National Fitness Day 2021! We celebrated National Fitness day by learning about the importance of keeping our bodies and minds healthy. We also took part in a range of fun aerobic and competitive activities led by the brilliant Mr G!