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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning

In the Spring term, we are learning about 'People Who Help us', their importance and contribution to the community. This helps children to feel more comfortable in the big wide world and learn what to do in case of an emergency. In the first week we focused on firefighters; we learnt about their special uniform, what they do and how they can help us if needed.

In Autumn 2, we learnt about the different festivals and celebrations around the world. We explored Eid, Diwali and Christmas. This helped children to understand the commonalities of human values that are shared by all cultures and religions and develop positive attitudes about the differences between people. The children had lots of fun making their own Eid lanterns, Diwali Diyas and Christmas crafts, while learning interesting facts about each festival. 

Climate change week - During the first week of term and during the COP26 summit we talked about how we can help the environment and actions we can take to limit climate change. We also discussed recycling, made a poster and a penguin made of recycling materials. The children were very excited to find out that they can contribute by doing little things on everyday basis like using less paper, turning the tap off and separating the litter.    

Children in Cherries Class had so much fun exploring all the different activities in their playground. They used the building blocks to make a train track and build houses for the animals, practiced their balance skills and looked at many different books in the book corner.