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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Enjoy Together, Achieve Together


Remote Learning: Information for Parents

Our aims are achieved by:

  • Teaching for depth of learning
  • Teaching for breadth of learning
  • Teaching beyond the classroom


Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s character, intellect and curiosity.  The purpose of our curriculum is for children to understand the world around them and prepare them for the next stage of their education.  By the time our children have left Addison Primary School, they will have a bank of essential knowledge, skills and core values.  The core values that underpin our curriculum are honesty, friendship, perseverance, responsibility and respect.  


At Addison we aim for children to:

  • Be kind, confident, well-mannered thoughtful members of society who embody our core values
  • Learn to read and write and become proficient mathematicians
  • Be passionate about looking after our world and take active responsibility for making a difference
  • Be ambitious for their futures and having the self-confidence to set and achieve goals
  • Understand the world past and present and geographical sense of place
  • Enjoy and appreciate the arts and be able to participate in performances, for example music, dance and drama
  • Respect and value beliefs, cultures and languages of others
  • Understand the importance of physical and mental health by knowing how to manage their emotions and their body


Teaching for Depth of Learning

At Addison, our curriculum is designed to ensure children are not merely covering the statutory content of the National Curriculum but achieving a depth of learning through the widening and deepening of the essential skills, understanding and concepts. Within our curriculum, we build in many opportunities for repetition, deliberate practise, to ensure children are able to revisit learning.


Teaching for Breadth learning

At Addison, we carefully design, plan and implement our curriculum to provide balance across areas of learning to allow for children to develop both academically, personally and socially.


It is part of our underlying belief that every child should feel valued and experience feeling success in a wide range of curriculum areas as responsible and resourceful pupils who reflect on their learning, building resilience and taking risk whilst understanding that we learn from our mistakes.


In addition to this we want to ensure that our children build and develop and maintain good relationships.

Furthermore, we place high priority on ensuring children’s physical and mental wellbeing are met. We understand that children will not be successful learners unless they are emotionally secure, teachers work closely with our well-being leader so we can meet and respond to the needs of our pupils.


We achieve this through:

  • The 22 values that are taught over a two-year cycle is part of our children’s learning journey. Our Values underpin our teaching and learning at Addison including our approaches to behaviour. Our children are introduced to a Values based curriculum from Nursery which is embedded through weekly classroom teaching and whole school assemblies.  We model values and give time for children to reflect and use reflective practice in our day-to-day teaching to ensure our children are empowered individuals who are engaged learners and develop into good citizens.
  • The 5B’s (Brain, Board, Bits and Bobs, Buddy and Boss) are there to help children become resourceful and independent learners. The 5B’s encourages children to work together and be good learning partners. At Addison we want our children to ‘have a go’ first before giving up.
  • PSHE by encouraging children to identify with their emotions and know how to deal with the changes and difficulties they face.


The combination of our values, 5B’s and PSHE ensures that our children develop personally and socially; they learn that they matter and are valued within our school community.


Beyond the Classroom

At Addison we are fully committed to providing children with a wide and rich range of learning experiences beyond the classroom.


Educational Visits

We provide our children with opportunities to visit, museums, galleries, theatres, parks, places of worship and historical landmarks. We ensure that all visits links and enhances their classroom learning.


School Residential

We feel it is important that our children experience residential trips as part of their learning experience to help in their personal and social development. At Addison children are given the opportunity to experience a residential within school or an external residential in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.