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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning

Home learning in isolation. See Huxley's mummified teddy, in sarcophogus with canopic jars and Daniel's short story through Busythings, Megan's maths learning, Lina's reading answers and Wiam practicing her handwriting and thinking of her friends. Please feel free to share your child's learning (via the email address) to be added to this page.

Do you know how tall you are? What about your best friend? We found the difference between the two heights by subtracting the smallest measurement from the largest!

What an incredible science week, We had an amazing visitor or shared so many ways to be a scientist and we've even started our own hygiene investigation with slices of bread. Can't wait to see the results.

With World Book Day characters from our favourite books descended on Addison and year 3. We really enjoyed reading with the reception children.

Climbing Trip to Westway. Year 3 showed perseverance, bravery and team work at the climbing wall. We are all very proud of them.

We turned our jumpers inside out for Mental Health awareness week.

We've been learning about money and the different denominations. Do you know how many pennies make a pound? How many different ways can you make two pounds? We know lots!

Dividing we now know is sharing equally between the divisor to find the quotient. We've also developed our maths vocabulary!

Reading and recommending books from our reading corner was great! Look at all the amazing authors. So many to choose from!

Using arrays, place value charts and counters, year 3 have been learning about multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers. We've revelled in the challenge!

Our healthy plate projects show you how to look after your body with the food you eat. A balanced diet of all the major food groups is what's best - plus lots of water!

We're investigating what materials are magnetic. Look at how these iron fillings react to the magnets! It must be because of the magnetic field. The fillings are attracted to the poles.

Erupting our volcano models and learning about the chemical reaction was brilliant! Look at all these successful experiments!

All of our students were so brave when the tropical animals were shown round. Which is your favourite?

In our maths learning Year 3 have been thinking about equal groups. This helps us with our multiplication skills and our repeated addition too. Do you know the number sentences for these groups?

Science Investigation: which surface has the most friction? Carpet, rubber, wood or sandpaper?

In Year 3, we have been learning about how unique we all are and the countries where our friends' families originate from. How many countries make up Year 3?

Our homework project in Year 3 was to make our own 3D volcano. We are currently learning all about volcanoes.