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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Enjoy Together, Achieve Together


Week beginning: 13th July

L.O: To know how to stay safe in the sun

Week beginning: 6th July

L.O: To compare seasides now to seasides in the past

Week beginning: 29th June 

L.O: To understand the dangers of plastic on the environment

Week Beginning: 22nd June

L.O: To understand the dangers of plastic pollution

Week 10: beginning 15th June

L.O: To Recap the 7 continents and world maps

Week 9: beginning 8th June

L.O: To explore what it is like to live in extremely cold places

Week 8: beginning 1st June

L.O: Compare the Polar regions

Week 7: beginning 18th May

L.O: Explore the Arctic

Week 6- Week beginning 11th May

L.O: To explore cold regions

Week 2

L.O: To compare two cities by a river.

Week 1 

L.O: To compare the similarities and differences between two locations