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Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning

We have had several visitors over the past couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago we had a cricket coach come in and teach the children a short cricket game and then last week we had a maths challenge lesson. The children enjoyed both activities.



Art in Year 1 (week 3)

This week in art we have been looking at Mark Rothco.  Mark Rothko was an abstract painter who painted in block colours.  The children had a main colour, then they added white paint to lighten the colour and then chose a second colour for their final block.





Art in Year 1 (week 2)

This week we have looked at Piet Mondrian. Here are a couple of pictures of the children's work.


Art in Year 1

Last week the children created their own pictures based on The Snail by Henri Matisse.


 On World Book Day the children in Jade class created some fantastic puppet theatres.  Here are a few of them.