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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Enjoy Together, Achieve Together

Gallery of Our Learning


There’s a commotion in the ocean...

Can you double numbers?

Storytelling Day Workshop

Acting out Jack and the Beanstalk

How many tens and ones?

Once upon a time...

Can you sequence the school day?

Can you complete all the obstacles?

Let’s remember our rainbow numbers bonds to 10

Clicking and moving the cursor to complete maths challenges

Let’s take responsibility for ourselves and our things

1 month of Year 1 learning maths!

What are some different celebrations?

Can you label the different parts of the body?


Skip counting 2cm at a time on our own number lines!

Can you count in 2s?

Performing with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Centre

Volume and capacity

Freeze frames on appropriate and inappropriate touches

Measuring objects

Number bonds and doubling numbers

Making seasons wheels

Jade Class Olympics

Making numbers with blocks and a rekenrek

Christmas disco and party

Making numbers up to 20 with tens and ones

Classifying animals

Blowing bubbles and making patterns with paint

Making patterns with 2D shapes

Can you guess my 3D shape from the number of faces and if it has a curved surface?

Using a compass to describe directions to different places in London and across the world.

How many sides and corners does your shape have?

Surprise bag and turn taking

Exploring location and direction using different maps

Making an 'Addison Values' hat

Trip to St Simon's Church

Number bonds to 10

Exploring our sense of touch

Greater than, less than and equal to

Making Mr Twit's spaghetti worms for Roald Dahl Day

School Rules Freeze Frames