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Addison Primary School

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Pride in our school

At Addison Primary School our children are proud to be members of our school and wear our uniform.  The uniform has been designed to be practical for a primary school while reflecting the high standards expected at school – it is to be worn with pride at all times.


We feel that it is important that children learn to dress smartly and appropriately.  They grow up at Addison understanding that most secondary schools and later in life, businesses, require smart, professional dress.


We look to parents to work with the school to ensure that children come to school always maintaining a high standard of dress and with at least a minimum of the correct colours in their clothing.


We value learning so highly that we do not send children home to change.  However, we hope that we do not have to deal with uniform transgressions.


Judgements about acceptability of uniform and appearance can only be made by Addison staff and ultimately the Head Teacher.


All children in Reception to Year 6 are expected to wear uniform:


  • White, long sleeved, collared shirt
  • School v-neck jumper with logo
  • School tie
  • Trousers/skirt: grey school style trousers, grey pleated skirts
  • Shoes: plain black shoes (for safety: no high-heels,  platforms, roller shoes or boots).
  • Plain white or blue Hijab
  • Blue school book bag/rucksack


Summer uniform:


  • White long or short sleeved, collared shirt
  • School tie
  • Grey school, knee length shorts, pleated skirt or trousers - grey socks
  • Blue and white checked school dress - white socks or tights


- Nursery pupils are expected to wear the blue Addison tracksuit with logo.

- Nursery pupils can wear school summer dresses or grey school shorts in Summer Term.


Optional items:


  • Addison fleece
  • reversible, shower-proof fleeces
  • Wellington boots may be worn to and from school during snow or very wet weather
  • Branded and/or designer items of clothing are not to be worn.


Uniform can be purchased online @


Hair, Jewellery & Mobile Phones

Hair must be neat and tidy (plaited or in a pony-tail if long).  Hair ties should be blue or white only. Extreme colours or styles that undermine the ethos or discipline of the school will not be permitted.


No make-up or nail polish is allowed.


Watches, small stud earrings or religious items required by the child’s faith may be worn. 

No other items of jewellery are allowed.



Children need plain dark blue PE shorts, a plain white or white Addison PE T-shirt and black plimsolls.

Children may wear blue tracksuit bottoms

Children may wear the Addison sweatshirt for outdoor games.

PE clothes should be sent to school in a drawstring bag.

Football strips must not be worn. 

All jewellery must be removed for PE. Please avoid wearing any jewellery to school on PE days.


Loss & Damage

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s property.

Summer uniform information March 2019