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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

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Gallery of Our Learning

RE-In RE we have been looking at Hindu Myths. This week we acted out the story of the Godess Lakshmi and Diwali. We love performing and acting in front of our classmates.

Computing-Our computing topic this term in coding and we are amazing at it! Each week we develop our skills further and can animate our sprites and include background.

Science-we made models of the digestive system using recycling. We worked really well in groups and designed our model before making it.


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Some more of our amazing cat movements!


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Our PE unit this half term is dance and we have been focusing on cats and their movements. Check out our amazing dancing!

Maths-In Maths we are carrying on with our topic of multiplication and division in Spring term. Here we are practising making arrays with counters to help us find factor pairs. Our times table knowledge really helped us with our learning!

DT-We finished our volcano CAM toys! It was a bit tricky making the cam but we persevered and completed it.

RE-We have been learning about Mary Mother of God in our RE lessons so today we went to St Simons church to learn more her. We saw stain glass windows with images of Mary and asked lots of questions to deepen our understanding.

Christmas Jumper Day-We wore our Christmas jumpers today and looked very festive! We also donated money to a charity which helps other children that are fortunate.

Christmas Lunch-We had a delicious Christmas lunch with amazing puddings! We even got to pull crackers and hear some jokes.

Panto-We have a great time watching Cinderella today. We laughed so much and even got to show off some dancing skills!

Science-In Science we have been learning about the digestion system. We used crackers and juice to see how acid breaks down the food in our stomach and then squeezed it through a sock to see how it moves through the intestines. It was extremely fun and messy!

Tennis-On Friday we headed to Brook Green and learnt how to play tennis. The coaches made us do warm up games that were really fun and got us ready for exercise. Then we learnt how to control the ball with our hands and then moved onto rackets.

Science-In science we have been learning about teeth and how to keep them healthy. Today we carried out an experiment on eggs in different liquids to see what will happen to them. We are excited to see on Monday if there have been any changes!

Design & Technology-This half term we are learning all about CAM toys. We have been looking at different CAMs and how they are designed. We are very excited to make our own volcano CAM toy. We have been practicing making the base to secure our toy. We had to cut and fold it carefully and we were all so helpful and helped others who needed it.

PE-In PE this half term we are learning all about communication skills and tactics with outdoor games. This week we were playing a giant game of rock, paper scissors. We loved doing the actions and working as a team. Then the game changed and we got to chase the other team to tag them. We love working as a team and collaborating in PE.

Maths-We are starting to practice our times table daily using Times Table Rock Stars! We love that we can use games to help our learning and we collaborate with our partner to get the right answer. We can also log in at home to help us practice our times tables.


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Some more amazing role plays from our acting based on the effects of plastic.


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This week in topic we have been learning all about COP26. Today we learnt about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. We acted out different scenarios about the effects of plastic.

Topic-This week we have been learning lots about COP26. Today we learnt about how plastic effects us and our environment. We learnt what we need to do to stop global warming and how simple changes can make a big change. We acted out some different scenarios of the effects of plastic.

RE-In RE this half term our topic has been "making choices". We have discussed how our choices and decisions can affect us. We have also looked at bible stories and how certain choices have led to certain events. This week we had a balloon and a skewer and had to "make choices" to see how we would get the skewer through the balloon. We had a lot of fun working together to achieve this, especially when the balloons popped!

PE-For the last 7 weeks Year 4 have been learning how to make bridges in gymnastics with their bodies and different apparatus. We have made so much progress since the first week and have made sequences performed to music in partners and groups. We collaborated well and worked as a team.

Computing-The last two weeks in Computing we have been creating power point presentations. We have used the internet to research information about the Romans and have learnt how to copy and paste images. Then we presented our presentations to each other using the big screen in the Computing suite. We spoke very clearly and loudly so everyone was able to hear the amazing facts we had learnt!

English-In English we were writing metaphors for a setting description. We learnt that metaphors can help create a vivid image for the reader, this helps us imagine the story. We had to match the start of the metaphor with the ending, we had lots of fun being metaphor detectives.

RE-In RE we acted out three stories from the bible about "temptation". These were Adam & Eve, Jesus in the desert and the Golden Calf. We had lots of fun using our drama skills and we gave each other feedback on our acting.

Art-In art we made mosaics just like the Ancient Romans. We used blocks of wood that were dipped in paint and we lightly pressed against the paper to create a pattern. We had to focus and concentrate very carefully whilst making the mosaics. We made different patterns, animals and some of us even wrote our names.