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Addison Primary School

Addison Primary School

Learn Together, Enjoy Together, Achieve Together

Gallery of Our Learning

Aerial Theatre Performance-Year 5 showed off their amazing learning and skills from the 10 week course. They performed a show in front of parents displaying the 'angel', 'koala','upright star' and 'frog' in their coccoons.

British Values-We had a debate “We believe that we should all follow the same religion” linked to Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs.

Science-In science we were given a mysterious material to hold and we had to guess what it was. We then made predictions and carried out an experiment to see how much the material would expand when water is added to it.

Art-In art we have been learning about 19th and 20th Century artists such as Monet, Lichtenstein and Da Vinci. We were lucky to show our work and explain it to parents, we have created a gallery in KS2.

School Food Matters-We had a talk from Rachel who told us all about the work her charity does for schools and how important fruit and vegetables are. We also discussed our upcoming farm trip.

English-In English we use drama to practice learning our new vocabulary.

Silly Science Workshop-We had lots of fun during the silly science workshop for Science week.

Geography-We had a workshop from 'Port of London' as we have been learning about Rivers. We discussed how rivers are used throughout the world for trade. Then we looked at the River Thames and explored the history of it and different parts of the river and presented our findings to our peers.

Science-In science we were investigating how a cool box keeps things cold and warms things hot. We carried out an experiment with a hot potato in foil and a cold potato not in foil. We tested the temperature every few minutes to see which one changed the most.

Spelling-We used 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to help test each other on our spellings.

Science-We carried out an investigation on the different materials plates are made out of. We tested how much they weigh, stain resistance and if they can be washed.

World Book Day-We had an amazing day celebrating World Book Day. We watched a panto performed by the teachers, then we did some fun reading activities and hot seated our favourite book characters. After break, we designed paper plates based based on book characters and completed a writing task of a newspaper report based on a traditional tale. Later, we took part in a scavenger hunt with year 2 where we had to search the playground for clues and we finished the day off with some buddy reading with year 3.

Computing-In computing we will be creating our own video. We have been learning about different types of camera angles and techniques. We practised using the ipads to make close ups, high angle and moving shots.

RE-In RE we have been learning about Christianity. We were given the creation story to order from the beginning to end. We had to read the text and work as a team to collaborate and decide the order.

Maths Mastery-Each day Pearl class complete a maths mastery challenge where they complete maths using prior knowledge to help deepen their understanding of maths. We are currently looking at multiplication and factors.

Childline Worskhop-We had a workshop from the NSPCC about Childline. We discussed different worries we might have and the emotions we might feel. Then, we explored who we can talk to when we have these worries at home or school.

Victorian School-We visited Gunnersbury Park Museum and took part in a Victorian school workshop where we learnt about the three R's and used slate to complete our work. Then, we explored the museum.

Aerial Theatre-Week 4 This week we learnt the sideways star and this was a bit difficult because of how you hold the cocoon. We then moved onto the upside down stag which was similar to the gazelle.

Safer Internet Day-Today we celebrated Safer Internet Day, we had an assembly and discussed how we stayed safe online. Then we looked at how technology has changed and what we would change about phones. Then, we discussed influencers and created our own influencers positivity page.

Number Day-We helped raise money for the NSPCC by taking part in Number Day. We wore numbers to school and took part in some fun maths activities.

National Storytelling Day-We celebrated by starting the day off writing a book review of our favourite book. Then, we had a zoom call with the author Steve Camden and he showed us how to create a story from one idea it was very exciting and informative. Finally, using Steve's plan we created our own story based on 'Supernatural Street' and produced amazing work!

Ball Pit-During wet play we had some fun in the ball pit in the Values room!

Science- In science we investigated if all liquids were runny and flowed at the same time. We poured water, oil, vinegar and milk and timed how long it took to pour.

Computing-In computing we have been learning about different systems and how they work. This week we looked at search engines and how they are different. We researched a question from the Industrial Revolution and saw how different search engines display results.

PSHE-During PSHE we discussed different strengths and talents we had. Then, we looked at job descriptions for circus workers and looked at the different skills needed. We acted out these jobs for the class and they had to guess which circus job it was.

Aerial Theatre- This was our second week of Aerial theatre, first we warm up our muscles then we practised the lifts we had learnt last week. Then we learnt the 'pyramid' and the 'gazelle'.

Spelling-We have been really enjoying our spelling lessons using SCODE. We love the different activities and testing our partners.

Aerial Theatre-Today we began our 10 week course of Aerial Theatre we are learning how to use the ropes and material to support out body weight and show our creativity.

English-We practised our new vocabulary words in English using drama. We love to think of the different, creative ways we can present the words to the class.

RE-In RE we have been learning about how the three kings gave a warning to Jesus. We used drama to act out different warnings if we could see into the future.

Christmas Concert-We took part in a lovely Christmas concert and sang "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas".

Panto-We had a great time watching 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Geography-We had a talk with a volunteer from the charity 'Water Aid'. He told us about all the work Water Aid do in different countries and how they provide clean water and sanitation. We had lots of questions to ask and deepen our understanding.

Wizard of Oz-Year 5 put on an outstanding performance of the Wizard of Oz!

Geography- We have been learning about the Water Cycle in geography. We had a debate whether we should pay for water or it should be free for everyone to use.

Christmas lunch-We had a delicious Christmas lunch at school and even had reindeer cookies!

Christmas Jumper Day-We wore our Christmas jumpers to celebrate Christmas Jumper Day! We look very festive.

Wizard of Oz- A sneak peek at our production! We have been practicing extremely hard and cannot wait to perform for the school and parents.

English-Hot seating as the Grand High Witch from Roald Dahls 'The Witches'.

English-Newspaper report

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Reading aloud our newspaper report using a Green Screen.

English-Newspaper report

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We interviewed an eyewitness at the Youth Climate March in Bristol.


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Ukulele performance to the class

Music-We have been learning to play the Ukulele. Here we are practising a festive song and showing our confidence and courage by performing in front of the class.

Spelling-We have started a new spelling scheme called 'Scode'. We really enjoy the different activities we complete each day in our workbook.

Computing-We have been learning about algorithms and coding using Scratch. We were able to code our sprites to move and add speech. We will be creating our own computer game using coding/

English-We have been discussing the Youth Climate March that was led by Greta Thunberg in 2020. We looked at the speech Greta made and how to accurately punctuate it using inverted commas. We then used hotseating as Greta to discuss the march.

Swimming-We were very excited to get the coach to start our swimming lessons!

PSHE-We had some of our parents come in to help us with our PSHE learning. We discussed our value for this half term 'friendship' and the qualities of a good friend. We then created a poster about friendship.

English-In English we used drama to learn our new vocabulary words about a newspaper report on climate change. We used our confidence and courage to stand up and present in front of the class.

Science-In science we have been learning about different life cycles. We used fact sheets and Ipads to research the different life cycles of amphibians. We learnt how they grow, breathe, habitats and what they eat.

English-We have started our new topic 'Newspaper reports'. We looked through copies of the metro to see what different features we could find.

History-We finished our Medieval monarchs topic with a medieval feast! We had grapes and cheese and made crowns as we listened to medieval music.

Art-In art we have created our own 'Bayeaux tapestry'. We looked at different images from the tapestry and copied the drawings onto cloth. We then used fabric markers to add colour.

English-In our grammar lessons we have been focusing on identify and applying prefixes and suffixes to our writing. We wrote sentences on whiteboards using prefixes and suffixes and then matched root words to the suffix.

Tower of London-We visited the Tower of London to deepen our understanding of the Medieval Era. We explored the tower and visited the chapel that William the Conqueror built. We saw the changing of the guards, and learnt about the ravens from a Yeoman.

Fire Safety-We had a member of the London Fire Brigade come in and give an informative talk on fire safety. We learnt about smoke alarms and the importance of testing them and how we can prevent fires in our home.

English-In english we have been learning about figurative language. We have learnt about similes, metaphors and personification and how these can create an image in the readers mind. Here we are sorting out sentences using the correct personficiation.

PSHE-In PSHE we acted out a tv news report discussing how we can be responsible for the environment.

PE-In Pe we have been learning about gymnastics. We practised making different shapes using the apparatus and focusing on our transition movements. We then presented them to the class with music.

Moneysense-We had a workshop from Natwest bank where we learnt about budgets and how to organise a party keeping within the budget. Two volunteers from Natwest came to speak to us about budgets and to help us with the activity. We then presented our ideas to the class.

Science-We investigated how to grow plants without seeds. We discussed propagation and then went into the playground to get some soil. We then planted leaves, garlic bulbs and rosemary stems and we shall observe them over the next two weeks and see what changes have occurred.

Maths-We have been learning about Place Value in maths. We used the white boards to partition numbers into hundred thousands and hundreds.

Science-We spent the afternoon at Brook Green to observe the different flowering trees and plants as we are studying pollination. We found many trees and bushes with fruits and learnt about seed dispersal.

English-In English we learnt our new vocabulary words and used our drama skills to act them out to see if the rest of the class could guess them. We enjoy drama and using our confidence and courage to present to the class.

Welcome to Year 5!